Today Is International Women’s Day 2019; Here’s How TV Newsers Are Celebrating It

By A.J. Katz 

TV news networks and shows have planned special programming today around International Women’s day, March 8.

NBC’s Today will feature the naval aviators of the historic all-female Navy flyover team from Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia.

As well as the record-breaking graduating class of female members of the FDNY.



Additionally, Grammy award-winner Maren Morris will also perform live in concert on the Plaza as part of a special hour sponsored by Citi.

On sister cable network, MSNBC, Stephanie Ruhle will host an all-female lineup on her 9 a.m. show for the third consecutive year (last year she actually hosted the all-female panel on the day before IWD… she had IWD 2018 off). Among the TV newsers who will appear on her 9 a.m. show include Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie, Fmr. Sen.-tunred MSNBC political analyst Claire McCaskill, Peggy Noonan, PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor, former U.S. attorney in Michigan and MSNBC contributor Patricia McQuade, and president and CEO of Voto Latino/MSNBC contributor Maria Teresa Kumar.

On Nightly News, Cynthia McFadden will profile women over age 60 who are hitting their stride and experiencing newfound success professionally.

Over at CNN — CNN Digital is marking International Women’s Day with a global empowerment campaign across social platforms and through a live blog on CNN, CNN Business and CNN Opinion will showcase women who are empowering women all over the world, from protecting girls in rural Africa to teaching women how to code to female filmmakers hiring all-female crews to women teaching women to love their bodies regardless of shape, color, size. Additionally, CNN will ask the audience who empowers them, and display the results using quotes, videos, twitter threads, Instagram stories and more.

On air, CNN New Day will have a panel with S.E. Cupp, Ana Navarro and Irin Carmon discussing #MeToo and International Women’s Day

Amanpour will have an all women show with Rep Pramila Jayapal & Rep Debbie Dingell: Co-sponsors of a Medicare for all bill.  Actress Lena Heady: Game of Thrones, IRC campaigner and PBS’s Walter Isaacson will talk to Drew Faust Former President of Harvard.

At This Hour with Kate Bolduan will also have an all-woman show with one fabulous exception — she will have the father, daughter and teacher from this viral story joining her.

Off camera – Erin Burnett will host a panel discussion with women across WarnerMedia on the topic of “How are Women Faring in the Media & Entertainment Industry?”

Over at Fox News, correspondent Laura Ingle will be reporting live from the United Nations, where a series of speakers will address ways women can “Think equal, build smart, and innovate for change.”

Outnumbered Overtime with guest co-host Melissa Francis will interview Dr. Anna Fisher, one of the first female astronauts as well as the mother of FNC Washington correspondent Kristin Fisher.

Anchor of The Daily Briefing and co-host of The Five, Dana Perino is marking International Women’s Day on her 2 p.m. show today. Martha MacCallum is hosting a Ladies Night panel on her 7 p.m. show.

Trish Regan will host Maria Corina Machado, a prominent Venezuelan female leader who announced on Regan’s show that she would like to run for president and be freely elected as the first female president. She’ll talk to Regan about the massive power outage in Venezuela and who is responsible.


Additionally, Maria Bartiromo celebrated IWD with Tracie McMillion from Wells Fargo and Rep. Debbie Dingle.