‘Today’ Gears Up For 20th Halloween Celebration

By Brian Flood 

NEWToday-Show-HalloweenThe “Today” show is gearing up for its 20th Halloween celebration. You can expect elaborate costumes, pop-culture references and quite possibly, Matt Lauer in drag this Friday.

With the exception of 2012, when the Halloween celebration was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy, the “Today” cast has been dressing up every year in extravagant costumes since 1994. From “Star Wars” characters in 2009, the Royal Family in 2011 to “The Flintstones,” the NBC morning show spares no expense when it comes to original Halloween costumes.

Remember Lauer and Al Roker dressing up as Jennifer Lopez and Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs back in 2000.

The “Today” show’s official website takes a look at all 20 years of outrageous costumes.

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