Timing Is Everything

By Chris Ariens 

Neil Cavuto had Alan Greenspan on Your World this afternoon. Greenspan is making the rounds promoting his memoirs. Just two hours before, the Fed lowered interest rates; the first time that’s happened since Greenspan was chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Then, in the middle of the interview, video began feeding in to FNC in New York. It was Pres. Bush in an interview with FNC’s Bret Baier, responding to Greenspan’s criticism of the Bush administration’s fiscal policies:

Bush: “I would also argue that cutting taxes made a significant difference not only in dealing with the recession and the attack on our country, but it also made a significant difference in dealing with the deficit because a growing economy yielded more tax revenues which allowed us to treat the deficit. I would respectfully disagree with the characterizations of Chairman Greenspan.”

Baier was interviewing the president for an upcoming special on Vice President Dick Cheney.