Tim Goodman Asks For Of S.F. Killing, & Nancy Grace Comes To The Rescue

By Brian 

“It’s time for Nancy Grace and Rita Cosby and Greta Van Susteren — the Sirens of Sad Stories — to come to San Francisco,” the Chronicle’s Tim Goodman declared on Wednesday morning. He described the “extremely heartbreaking story” of Sean Keel, a 34-year-old father who was carjacked and shot dead early Saturday in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

One of the “sirens” was apparently paying attention. On Wednesday night Grace did an in-depth piece about Keel’s case — and Goodman was one of her guests.

“These kind of crimes are the ones that really are not getting a lot of notice,” the TV critic said. “What kind of crimes?,” Grace prodded. He answered: “We see a lot of stuff where we have white women gone missing, white guy goes off on a cruise ship. We don’t really see a lot of urban crime, a lot of people of color who are killed and have their tragedies and their stories to tell…”

> Dan Abrams covered the Keel case on MSNBC this afternoon. Will Greta follow tonight?