Ticker: Bilas, Azar, ’60 Minutes’

By Brian Flood 

  • ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas will make his debut as co-anchor of ESPN “SportsCenter” on the 11pmET edition on Sunday. The episode will be college-hoops heavy, with the NCAA Tournament brackets being announced that day. Check out our behind-the-scenes look at “SportsCenter.”
  • Dr. Natalie Azar will continue in her role as NBC News medical contributor, but no announcement has been made regarding who will replace¬†Dr. Nancy Snyderman as NBC News’ chief medical editor.
  • This Sunday, “60 Minutes” explores how the Marines were ordered to open their infantry units to women… but there is one problem. They haven’t been able to find a female who can complete the mandatory¬†training. 26 women have attempted the grueling three-month course, but none have finished.