Thomas Roberts and the “Industry’s Glass Ceiling For Gays”

By SteveK 

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This month’s The Advocate features a cover story about former CNN Headline News and The Insider anchor, Thomas Roberts. Roberts was outed by a blog when he was an anchor at CNN in 2006, but has since openly discussed the issue. “If people don’t like that I’m gay or that I talk about being gay, I’m sorry. Because that’s not my problem,” he tells The Advocate‘s Sean Kennedy.

When Roberts left CNN a year ago, he ended up at The Insider. Despite being out, there was a reluctance from his employer to let him talk about it. “When I first inquired about an interview with Roberts before he started at The Insider, a spokesperson for the show instantly said no. When I followed up two months later, it was no dice again,” writes Kennedy. “Roberts says he doesn’t recall being contacted either time.”

Tom Brokaw is asked in the article about whether there’s a reason why there can’t be an openly gay anchor. “No,” he says. “I’ve been saying that for years, by the way.”

The article discusses those in the industry who are currently out — and those who aren’t. “I think everybody’s looking for somebody else to do something. Well, it’s just you. All it takes is you,” says Roberts.