This Week’s Alexis Glick Speculation

By Brian 

Verne Gay isn’t afraid to say it: “Alexis Glick could be the next Katie Couric.”

Yesterday’s Newsday column sparked another round of chatter about the future for the Wall-Street-trader-turned-anchor.

On June 10 I suggested that Glick will play a role in the retooling of the third hour of ‘Today.’ Glick began to fill in on the 9 a.m. edition last Monday, Gay notes. According to Jim Bell, “the third hour is a great place to see what people have, to show their talent.”

> Today’s FTVLive: “On Monday’s Today Show, Katie Couric was off, Campbell Brown was tapped to fill in for Katie. Natalie Morales was filling in for Ann Curry. Al Roker and Matt Lauer were on in their usual roles.” So far so good — but “joining Matt and Campbell on the sofa was Alexis Glick.” An NBC insider says that Zucker “wanted to give Glick more face time without having her worry about the full 3 hours.”