This Week In Fake News

By Alex Weprin 

All of a sudden, the fake news anchor has become a hot role in the entertainment business.

Jeffrey Tambor, of “Arrested Development” fame will star in The Onion‘s new series “The Onion Presents: The News.” The series, which will be available on Amazon Prime, follows the goings-on behind the scenes at the fake Onion News Network. Tambor will be playing the grizzled veteran anchor.

Michael J. Fox will be returning to TV on NBC, where he will play a news anchor at NBC’s local New York station who returns to work after taking leave to battle Parkinson’s Disease. Fox of course has Parkinson’s in real life.

Also, Kristin Wiig has joined the cast of Anchorman 2. No word on what her role is exactly, though the rumor is that she will be a love interest for Steve Carrell’s “Brick Tamland” character.