This New York Times Reporter Is Encouraging Trump’s Tweets

By Chris Ariens 

The president is back on Twitter this morning, sending out missives about his son, Hillary Clinton, a couple retweets of Fox News shows and, of course, the “fake media.”

He also wants you to know he’s focused on healthcare, tax cuts and “many other things,” so he has “very little time for watching T.V.”

Now we know there’s a New York Times reporter who may be to blame/thank for encouraging the president’s twitter habit. In a Magazine story appearing this Sunday, but online now, Mark Leibovitch interviews the president, and other Washingtonians, about the current state of our Nation’s Capital.

It was 12:30, but the president was not eating lunch. He was watching a recording of “Fox and Friends” from about four hours earlier on a large TV mounted on the wall. This was one of those stretches when Trump was tweeting a lot, including attacks on the mayor of London following a terrorist attack on the city the previous weekend. The tweets were becoming a growing topic of concern among Republicans, many of whom were urging him to stop. But like most reporters, I found his tweets far more illuminating than anything the White House press office could ever disgorge. I urged him to keep it up.

“It’s my voice” Trump said of Twitter. “They want to take away my voice. They’re not going to take away my social media.”