This Is The Last Noah Oppenheim Post

By Brian 

What have I gotten myself into?? The Noah Oppenheim e-mails keep coming. Here are three of them:

> From an MSNBC insider: “There have been a lot of bizarre people around MSNBC, but none have combined his lack of personnel skills, tin ear for television, disloyalty, and unrelenting political dogma.”

> A former colleague of Oppenheim on Hardball speaks up: “The two of us would debate passionately about the war. I was opposed to the idea of a pre-emptive war and we would spend hours debating whether this was the right move for our country. Our debates and passion as producers made for better television. Noah is a great producer and one of the best writers I have ever worked with. It was a smart bold move on Phil Griffin’s part to bring him there. Noah Oppenheim is a winner.”

> An anonymous tipster says Oppenheim was in “high demand” at ABC: “We would have been lucky to have him. While we’re sorry he is at a rival, they are fortunate to have someone as smart as Noah. He is exactly the kind of person needed to fix that sinking ship.”