This Is One Of Kyra Phillips’ Favorite Verses From The Quran

By Brian 

Via Daniel, a funny moment on Thursday’s “Live From:”

CNN anchor Kyra Phillips was talking to Jim Walsh, Harvard “global security analyst,” about Bush’s morning speech:

  PHILLIPS: It seemed a large chunk of that speech, he was aiming at reaching the Muslim community. Actually quoting one of my favorite verses from the Quran, chapter 5, verse 32, one that is constantly used for the insurgents and also for Muslims that say, no, no, no, the Quran does not talk about killing innocent people. Let’s listen to how he actually quoted this verse.

PHILLIPS: Now, Jim, I’m getting a hard time from my staff here in the control room. They said, OK, Kyra is that really your favorite verse? And yes, we have that verse up in our home, believe it or not, our Christian/Muslim home.

Daniel wonders: “Who’s Kyra married to? Or is she Muslim?” Update: 2:22pm: Her husband is Iranian, a tipster says…