Third 48 Hours Mystery Book Hits Stores

By Alissa Krinsky 

And now there are three: the new book Death Of A Dream, out March 25, is the third true-crime book based on a CBS 48 Hours Mystery broadcast.

Written by producer Paul LaRosa and correspondent Erin Moriarty, Death tells the story of a young woman, Catherine Woods, who came to New York City from Ohio for a dancing career, and Paul Cortez of the Bronx, convicted in Woods’ murder. Ironically, Moriarty is an Ohio native, and LaRosa is from the Bronx.

LaRosa is also the author of last spring’s Nightmare in Napa, likewise a 48 Hours Mystery book. The other, Perfectly Executed, was written by correspondent Peter Van Sant and producer Jenna Jackson and published in August of 2007.