Think You Know How 2016 Will Go? Dan Rather Says You’re ‘Smoking Something’

By Mark Joyella 

Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather has dipped into his treasure chest of Ratherisms to warn off early predictions of how the 2016 presidential campaign will end. Writing at Mashable, Rather says it’s far too early to know much of anything yet.

“Anybody who tells you they know how this race will turn out is either naive, whacky or smoking something very expensive,” Rather writes.

That said, Rather has some advice should you be ready to “bet the rent money,” and it’s not betting on Donald Trump:

Trump is not just beating but “trumping” his opponents, according to some national polls, schooling them in the media game of getting the most press. Republicans opposed to him don’t know what to do — whether to bark at the moon or wind their watches. Some are convinced he’ll eventually flame out but how — or when — is anybody’s guess.

As for those cable news political pundits–Rather included? “Those who live by the crystal ball wind up eating a lot of broken glass,” he said.