“They Need To Get George Off ‘This Week'”

By Brian 

Following up on yesterday’s Stephanopoulos/Koppel story:

  · “Sources at ABC this morning (including one “in the know”) said the article is a mix of true and wild speculation,” mb cousin FishBowlDC reports. “One thing’s for sure though: You don’t have to look further back than last night or Friday to see that George has been guest hosting more Nightlines recently.”

  · “They need to get George off of This Week,” a D.C. observer writes to TVNewser, “whether Koppel is interested in the Sunday job or not…It is not his best venue…and they’re losing audience. Add it up and you see the need for an exit plan, both on George’s part and ABC news’s part.” But with that said, the e-mailer suggests Koppel may not be interested in the Sunday gig: “Maybe that could change but I think he likes his weekends too much for the interruption, especially now that he has grandchildren.”

  · “IF ‘Nightline’ goes live at 11:35 p.m., ABC should strongly consider placing a co-host on the West Coast,” an e-mailer suggests…