The Weather Channel, SEC Network Team Up to Tell Stories Using Immersive Mixed Reality

By A.J. Katz 

The Weather Channel has been leveraging Immersive Mixed Reality technology (IMR) in recent months to tell weather stories in a more impactful way.

There was the IMR segment where a tornado is shown destroying a TWC HQ, with the indefatigable Jim Cantore in the middle:


You might remember this video from over the summer of TWC’s Erika Navarro that went viral. She used IMR to explain the impact of storm surge:


TWC used Immersive Mixed Reality technology to show a wildfire overtaking a field. Who says TV newsers can’t report from the scene of a wildfire??

The network released a new IMR segment this morning, and this one is college football-focused.

For this particular segment, The Weather Channel on-air meteorologist Stephanie Abrams partners with SEC Network analyst Jordan Rodgers to show –using IMR technology– how inclement weather can impact how a quarterback can throw the football.

Viewers are transported from TWC studios to the 50-yard-line of a 100,000 seat stadium, with fans filing into the stadium and players warming up. The weather transitions from rain, to cold, to wind. A former QB at Vanderbilt, Rodgers explains the challenges each weather condition will bring to a quarterback, while Abrams explains the science behind why such weather related challenges exist.

It’s a fun Friday item for all of you weather and college football junkies.