The Weather Channel Announces ‘Winter Storm Colbert’

By A.J. Katz Comment

Stephen Colbert is hot right now, and now he’s having a winter storm named after him.

On the heels of Winter Storm Stella, The Weather Channel announced today that Winter Storm Colbert will be the third storm of the 2017-2018 season.

Earlier this week, TWC faced criticism from the late-night host about winter storm naming, saying on Tuesday’s show: “The Weather Channel has no authority to name anything. They are not part of the government. In fact, I have as much authority to name things as they do.”

The network noticed the tongue-in-cheek criticism, and decided to offer a sneak peek at one of the official names for next season.

It’s unknown how Winter Storm Colbert will perform next winter, but The Weather Channel has been testing experimental forecasting technology and claims that early forecasts show it will be a storm that starts small. The system could make a few false starts in the Chicago area before moving on towards New York and becoming a significant storm. Some might argue this is similar to the trajectory of Colbert’s own career. After studying theater at Northwestern, Colbert launched his career with the famed Second City improv group before moving onto the bright lights of New York. Coincidence?

Anyways, here’s Weather Channel’s Tom Niziol announcing the name of the storm:

Colbert shared the news last night, quipping “I have always said I think it is so great that The Weather Channel does this…they should definitely be part of the government.”