The Top Correspondents and Stories on Network Evening News in 2015 Were…

By Mark Joyella 

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 11.37.47 AMNBC’s Miguel Almaguer was the most-seen correspondent on network evening newscasts in 2015, racking up a total of 284 minutes on NBC Nightly News. His NBC colleague Tom Costello was second with 265, and CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues finished the year in third place with 238 minutes on the CBS Evening News.

The numbers were compiled by Andrew Tyndall in his annual review of the most-covered news stories on most heavily-utilized correspondents.

Winter weather was the most-covered story, with 377 minutes of airtime across the three network newscasts–ABC devoting the most minutes to the story (149), followed by NBC (132) and CBS (96). In contrast, the economy finished the year with the least coverage in 28 years.

Donald Trump’s run for the Republican presidential nomination was the second most-covered story, with 327 total minutes. NBC covered Trump the most (122), followed closely by ABC (121) and CBS was far less entranced, devoting just 84 minutes to Trump’s campaign.

Tyndall notes in his report that 2015 was the biggest year coverage of terrorism since 9/11. The San Bernardino office shooting was the third most-covered story (237 minutes), followed by ISIS (220) and the Paris terror attacks (188).

Rounding out the top five correspondents with the most airtime:

NBC’s Hallie Jackson, covering the 2016 campaign, had 235 minutes, and NBC’s veteran Andrea Mitchell finished the year with 217.