The Ticker: Woodruff, Holloway, Sanchez…

By Brian 

> Cindy Adams thinks she has a scoop: “The money’s on Bob Woodruff in the ABC News big anchor chair some day….Remember, you heard it here.”

> Richard Huff reviews shuttle TV coverage: “What was once a routine, frequently untelevised event had become a real-life — and possibly real-death — drama that was better than much of what Hollywood pumps out.”

> This blogger says it is “unfair” to focus on Natalee Holloway‘s disappearance “when we have hundreds, rather thousands, of young people missing around the nation and around the world.”

> Two funny TVSpy threads: Fox News viewers “must be afraid to leave their house” and Rick Sanchez should “show us what it’s like to suffer from the heat.”

> Forbes calls TVNewser one of the Best of the Web…