The Ticker: Texting, Gibson, Imus…

By Chris Ariens 

> MSNBC is once again going to have a text message survey after tonight’s GOP debate in Florida. Beginning with Chris Matthews‘ post debate coverage at 10:30pmET and running through tomorrow, viewers will be invited to text in who they think won the debate.

> ABC News announced its plans for Pres. Bush’s final State of the Union address Monday. Charles Gibson will anchor World News from Washington and the coverage of the address. He will be joined by, among others, former Counselor to Pres. Bush, Dan Bartlett.

> FishbowlNY writes about former WABC Radio talk show (and MSNBC) host Curtis Sliwa talking about current WABC Radio talk show (and former MSNBC) host. Sliwa: “Imus hasn’t found his radio legs yet.”