The Ticker: Taliban, Moran, Olbermann…

By Chris Ariens 

> It took 10 heavily armed commandos to get CBS’ Scott Pelley, producers and a camera crew safely in and out of the Afghan province of Kapisa last week. For an upcoming 60 Minutes story, the team was hoping to bring humanitarian investigators along to comment on how the air war is exacting a toll on civilians. But several of the groups deemed the area too dangerous to enter.

> Tonight on Nightline, ABC’s Terry Moran speaks with the grandfather of Virgina Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho. In a release ABC says Hyang-Sik Kim talks about “the family’s agony over a boy they were worried about from early childhood.” ‘He never came up to me or called me Grandpa. Even as a child, he never hugged.'”

> Calling him “the heat-seeking missile of MSNBC,” the San Jose Mercury NewsCharlie McCollum writes about how NBC is betting on Keith Olbermann‘s appeal. “It will be interesting to see how NFL fans — who tend to be a somewhat conservative lot — react to Olbermann,” McCollum writes.