The Ticker: Rose, Iran, Matthews

By Alex Weprin 

  • A former intern for Charlie Rose is suing him and his production company over fair wage allegations. New York has strict (but often ignored) rules regarding internships. The intern in question says she was not paid for her work.
  • Foreign Policy lists “10 Media Failures” with regard to coverage of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Among them, “Obsessing About Ahmadinejad,” “Loose Talk” and “Mainstreaming the War.” You can read all of them here.
  • MSNBC host Chris Matthews was interviewed by  Irish Central. He talked about his JFK book, as well as the HBO movie “Game Change.” Spoiler: Matthews loved it: “I saw it three times over the weekend,” Matthews confesses. “You think I’m crazy? I saw it three times all the way through and I thought that Woody Harrelson was spectacular. He stole that film.”