The Ticker: Pope…Iraq…Jacko…

By Brian 

  · When word of the Pope’s hospitalization broke, the cablers quickly arranged for coverage from Rome. At 8pm. NBC producer Stephen Weeke reported live from Rome on MSNBC’s Countdown while CNN was in a taped “State of the States” special. FNC’s Greg Burke did live stand-ups outside the hospital during the 7, 9 and 10pm hours.

  · examines how “American scribes, producers and managers” are traveling to developing nations to “teach journalists about ethics, fair and balanced reporting and a free and open press.”

  · Iraqi Media Matters says Fox News “allotted disproportionate time for Republican politicians and conservative pundits to declare that the elections were a “vindication” for President Bush’s Iraq policy.”

  · “I would like to declare a moratorium,” Jon Friedman says, “to the endless yakking about Michael Jackson.”

  · An “intriguing media secret” from an author/media junkie: “If you clench your buttocks, your face appears more relaxed on camera.”