The Ticker (p.m. edition): Wonders, Wolf, What’s Possible…

By SteveK 

> ABC News announced that May 5 will begin Good Morning America’s next batch of the “Seven Wonder of America.” Throughout the week, a GMA anchor or correspondent will report live from each location for one week. GMA weekend anchor Kate Snow has been moderating a panel of experts to pick the seven locations.

> Paul Bedard of the U.S. News & World Report writes that CNN anchor (and season-ticket holder) Wolf Blitzer has been providing pre-game analysis from The Situation Room before each Washington Wizards NBA game. But the sports fan is fair and balanced. “I’d do it for the Nationals, too, but only if they want me,” he said of Washington’s MLB team.

> Former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan appeared on Fox & Friends Weekend on Sunday to discuss her new book, “What’s Possible.” Besides the book discussion, she also talked about her thoughts on Katie Couric and being inside Fox News HQ for the first time. Click continued to see the segment from last weekend…