The Ticker: Olbermann, Vargas, Sesno…

By Brian 

> In his latest special comment, Keith Olbermann called Chris Wallace a “monkey” and suggested the “hyenas at Fox” needed a diversion from the recent NIE revelations. Here’s the video…

> Gail Shister catches up with Elizabeth Vargas: “Her 20/20 gig is enough for the near future, Vargas says, but in a year or two, ‘I’ll be ready to get back on that horse’ of nightly anchoring. She has four years remaining on her ABC contract…”

> Premiering Sept. 30 on CNN: “Rumsfeld — Man of War,” a CNN Presents special by Frank Sesno

> From an e-mailer: “If you watch the Today Show netcast on, the promo that plays in between segments has Katie Couric prominently featured. Why haven’t they changed this yet?…”