The Ticker: Olbermann, Shine, Woodruff…

By Brian 

> MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann “is expected to serve ESPN Radio’s national broadcasts in a limited capacity” while still hosting Countdown, a source tells the NY Post.

> FNC exec Bill Shine tells students he lives and dies by the ratings: “I got the news that we kicked the bejesus out of CNN last night, and I’ve been in a good mood ever since.”

> Only days after she signed off from CNN, Judy Woodruff appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press roundtable on Sunday.

> FNC was first with news of the 5.6 earthquake in California, at 11:51am. MSNBC was second at 11:53am and CNN was third at 11:56am ET.

> At the HuffPost, Harry Shearer asks: “Wouldn’t cable news channels think twice about tainting their (cough) credibility with promotional announcements that are demonstrably false?” And answers: “No, they wouldn’t…”