The Ticker: Olbermann, Greta, Carlson…

By Brian 

> Keith Olbermann‘s explanation of the Nazi salute on Leno last night, via NewsBusters: “I saw a guy in the back who I recognized. I was giving him a yoo-hoo. Yoo-hoo! And they caught me in between the yoo and the hoo…”

> “Greta Van Susteren and her old friend Elaine Lafferty, who was editor-in-chief of Ms. magazine for two years, are now in the restaurant business,” NY Mag says. “The two are part-owners of the Old Mill Inn, a 144-seat seaside restaurant in Mattituck, L.I…”

> Don’t miss this piece of art featuring Tucker Carlson

> The Fox Fan Web site has video of Sean Hannity singing at last week’s Freedom Concert…