The Ticker: Newseteria, Yellin, Dunn…

By Brian 

> An update on the CBS newseteria, via the C-Note: “Construction of the new CBS Evening News newsroom is complete. Staffers are back in their renovated work space this week and the ‘Newseteria’ officially closed its doors last Friday…”

> ABC’s Jessica Yellin blogs about “the intimacy issue” with the new WH press corps space: “The network booths are in a warren of cubby-like offices separated by paper thin partitions that don’t reach the ceiling. That means we can hear everything our competition is saying — and vice versa…”

> An e-mailer wants to know: “Who is Darby Dunn? During daytime, she has appeared on CNN Headline News doing business segments,” then in the evening she handles Fox News headline updates. She also appeared on CNN’s In The Money over the weekend. Update: 4:21pm: “Darby Dunn was known as Darby Mullany before she married,” an e-mailer says. “She anchored general news updates on CNBC (before they decided to go to MSNBC for the updates) a few years ago, and also was for a short time a business reporter there. Afterwards, she moved to CNNfn and when that went belly up, she remained as a business reporter for CNN…but I guess that might be in a freelance capacity.”

> In the first 15 days of August, the investigative section of has recorded over one million page views, the net notes…

> Greta Van Susteren has an interesting note in today’s GretaWire: “Each night I take to the set my research on three very well-known world leaders who I suspect are near death. Each is very sick. Why bring to the set each night? In case they die during the hour, I want to be prepared for you…”

> A Fox Sunday night special: “Purpose-Driven Life: Can Rick Warren Change the World?” 8pm on FNC…