The Ticker: Kurtz, Cooper, Hume…

By Brian 

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> A tipster says CNN’s Reliable Sources, hosted by Howard Kurtz, has won the National Press Club’s Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism…

> Gawker may have found Anderson Cooper boyfriend; and don’t miss the “mancage.”

> An e-mailer says Anderson “divulges all sorts of deep and painful personal info. to sell a book and to get on Oprah, but won’t discuss the one personal subject that, if he were to be honest and reveal it, could change how the topic is discussed in this country as gay and lesbian rights are hanging in the balance.”

> Are there 50,000 sexual predators trawling the net? Dateline NBC said so last year. On The Media sums up the confusion and says “50,000 is the Goldilocks of crime stats. But, as experience shows, that doesn’t mean it’s just right…”

> Brit Hume will host an FNC special, “The Battle For Arab Democracy,” Saturday at 10pm, ICN says…