The Ticker: Hot, GMA Vs. Today, Cafferty…

By Brian 

> It’s time to vote for FishBowlDC’s 2006 Hottest Media Types. Question: Why didn’t any on-air Fox News females make the cut?… Megyn Kendall was nominated

> GMA did an “exclusive” segment on “dirty beaches” this morning. Today did a similar segment last month. GMA also did a segment about parking garages this morning. Today did a similar segment last week. “It’s like the difference between name brand and generic,” a viewer says. Update: GMA’s piece was a preview of a new report about dirty beaches; it was exclusive, another e-mailer says…

> This ABC News report about energy companies who deliberately confuse the public about global warming was cited as evidence by Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) in a Congressional hearing about climate change, says…

> The Washington Times is encouraged by Dan Rather‘s utterance of the word “terrorist…”

> Via Gawker, has one man’s story of a TV appearance with Neil Cavuto

> Have you signed the petition yet? These organizers want CNN to “Give Jack Cafferty A Show…”