The Ticker: Gregory, O’Reilly, Philbin…

By Brian 

> NY Daily News gossip writer Ben Widdicombe included this random sentence in his New York Minute on Sunday: “Happy gay pride, Anderson! You too, Shep!”

> NBC News correspondent David Gregory is on TV Week’s 2006 Hot List.. “He admits to having been, on occasion, ‘afraid I was too tall for TV…'”

> Providence Journal: How’d Bill O’Reilly come up with the Factor? “A bloviator, an obnoxious guy like me, telling people what they don’t want to hear. I thought, ‘We should have that…'”

> On Friday’s LKL, Regis Philbin asked Larry King when he plans to retire and later said he wanted his job. Jokingly, under his breath he said “CNN, call me.” Here’s the transcript…