The Ticker: FNC, Barz, Weather…

By Brian 

> Americans are spending more time watching TV. NYT:Paul Donato, the chief research officer for Nielsen, noted that TV watching was flat for younger people, but up for those 35 and older. ‘News is driving viewership,’ he said…”

> Norman Solomon awards Mike Barz and ABC with the “Mickey Mouse Journalism Prize” for a “very upbeat report about a new Disney-owned theme park — on a TV network owned by Disney…”

> “Whoops! FOX’s translator apparently can’t hear what’s going on at a news conference about Ariel Sharon’s health,” an e-mailer says. “CNN’s seems good and MSNBC had better success. FOX finally got their translator working about two minutes after it started…”

> The AP says the weather is becoming the news: “The rise of the weather as societal preoccupation, bogeyman and news- ratings staple is about several things, experts agree: the growing complexity and competitiveness of the media; our greatly improved ability to forecast the weather; the general climate of fear in which we live, which includes everything from terrorism to global warming…”