The Ticker: Dimond, Hillary, Thomas…

By Brian 

> FishbowlDC points to Roll Call’s report that Fox News Congressional producer Julie Asher is making “an extreme leap from the star-spangled Freedom Fry network to the French television network TF1.”

> Diane Dimond “has dropped a restraining order against a heckler who hurled insults at her as she covered Michael Jackson’s molestation trial,” the AP notes.

> “Fox News and The Post need Hillary [Clinton] to run for Senate and president,” James Carville tells David Carr. “There is only one politician in America that gets people to watch television for or buy a newspaper, and that’s her. No one else comes close.”

> “It doesn’t matter who replaces” the three evening news anchors “for at least two reasons,” FNC’s Cal Thomas says: “One is that any replacement will be a liberal in outlook and in practice.”

> Note to Gawker: What first amendment?