The Ticker: Couric, D’Alba, Hemmer…

By Brian 

> On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, Lanny Davis chastised CBS: “It’s absolutely amazing that ’60 Minutes’ thinks it’s OK to air a false and malicious statement…”

> You’ll never guess where Katie Couric said this: “Even though I’m not sure what life after the Today show will bring…I guess there’s always late night — I had so much fun filling in for Jay Leno a couple of years ago!”

> B&C profiles CNN ad sales and marketing COO Greg D’Alba. He says “that advertisers are beginning to believe in, and pay for, CNN’s ability to reach consumers in a number of ways with the same content. ‘That was a sales pitch six years ago,’ D’Alba says. ‘It became a business a year and a half ago.'”

> Bill Hemmer postponed jury duty recently. “I want to do my civic duty,” he laughs to the Akron Beacon Journal, but “I have a civic duty to Roger Ailes first.”

> Mike Wallace complains: “There is an awful lot of tabloid journalism on the air. It’s the suits. They are more interested in money. They want more infotainment in the news than there used to be.”