The Ticker: Carlson, Scott, Squawk…

By Brian 

> An e-mailer says: “They say that even when no one likes a President, he still has a dog as a faithful, loving companion…perhaps Tucker Carlson‘s low-ratings-gathering The Situation finds the same solace in cats? He had a segment called ‘cat circus‘ whereby felines were performing bizarre stunts on his show Tuesday night. This is definitely late-night TV gone bad!”

> “It’s good being Jon Scott:” The Journal News features “a day in the life” of the FNC morning anchor…

> Via FishBowlDC: In an item about GOP candidate media training, Washington Whispers says Adam Levine is the “go-to coach for Sunday show prep.” A top GOP official says “he’s got the Tim Russert thing down…”

> CNBC has announced the “Squawk Box Fantasy Portfolio Challenge…”