The Ticker: Brown, Geraldo, Morales, Grill…

By Brian 

> Following up on this: Has Jen Brown followed Randy Stearns to She was in charge of the GMA effort for, a tipster says…

> Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor: Geraldo Rivera talks about “how close he was to getting whacked” by the Philly mob

> FYI to Dan Rather: FishBowlNY has “one disgruntled ex-employee’s take on HDNet…”

> An e-mailer comments: “You know how people keep saying that Larry King asks softball questions? Well I watched the Dan Rather interview and I thought King asked some tough questions of Dan. I think people get the idea that Larry asks softball questions because he doesn’t have an in-your-face style that other talk show hosts have. He can be quite persistent in a low key manner…”

> Jossip asks: “Have you decked out your grill with the your favorite cable network?…”

> A tipster says NBC’s Natalie Morales will be on Jay Leno‘s show on Friday…