The Ticker: Alexander, Al Jazeera, Rock Center

By Alex Weprin 

  • NBC’s Peter Alexander is hosting a special for Travel Channel called “Travel Like a President.” Produced by NBC’s Peacock Productions, the special will look at what goes into the travel arrangements of the president, from clearing hotel rooms to flying on Air Force One. The special airs on Travel Channel Tues., Oct. 2 at 8 PM.
  • Al Jazeera English is launching a monthly iPad magazine. About 60 percent of the content will be created for the magazine, with 40 percent coming from Al Jazeera’s other resources. AJE acting chief Will Thorne talked about the magazine to
  • NBC’s “Rock Center” is dedicating a segment this week to controversial and partisan media personalities. Ted Koppel will interview FNC’s Bill O’Reilly, HBO’s Bill Maher and conservative pundit Ann Coulter. From the logline: “On the left and on the right, are they speaking for America, or are they bad for America?”