The Ticker: Abrams, Zahn, Hinojosa…

By Brian 

> FishBowlNY has an unhealthy obsession with Dan Abrams‘ new hairdo.

> When Paula Zahn hosted the Gracie Awards on Wednesday morning, she “sported a white sequin gown and orthopedic boot, the unfortunate result of a recent dog-chasing event at her home,” B&C notes.

> Why Maria Hinojosa is leaving CNN: The network made her an offer, “but I decided that I was ready for substantial change in my life…So stay tuned for more information about where I will be seeing you soon on the frontlines of reporting.” (Via Dick Prince)

> Drudge has a copy of Jacko fan B.J. Hickman’s response to Diane Dimond‘s restraining order against him, complete with spelling mistakes: “Being a newscaster is strenuous and stressful. Perhaps Ms. Dimond is burned out. Ashley Banfield in Afganistan and Christina Amanpour in Iraq have not sought court relief.”