The Ticker: ABC, FNC, MSNBC…

By Chris Ariens 

> The WSJ editorializes about Barack Obama and the press treatment he’s been getting lately, including during last week’s ABC debate: “Moderators Charles Gibson‘s and George Stephanopoulos‘s offense was to ask questions Mr. Obama didn’t want to address. Worse, they’d continued to press them even when the displeased candidate assured them these were old and tired questions.”

> FNC correspondent James Rosen is putting the finishing touches on a biography of Richard Nixon‘s Attorney General. The Strong Man: John Mitchell and the Secrets of Watergate comes out next month. The 600-page tome will be the first major bio of Mitchell.

> David Shuster anchored his first full hour on MSNBC yesterday afternoon since his two-week suspension in February for using the phrase pimped-out referring to the Clinton campaign’s use of Chelsea Clinton.