The Ticker: A Presidential Edition

By Brian 

> In her notebook today, Katie Couric said President Bush chastised one of her producers yesterday, saying: “Straighten your tie young man, you’re at the White House.” Who was the producer?

> Charles Gibson traveled with President Bush to Atlanta today and conducted an interview on Air Force One. Here’s the video…

> Dick Meyer, the editorial director for, says President Bush is torturing the truth when he says the U.S. doesn’t torture suspects: “The president’s statement here is beyond doublespeak and above spin. It’s untrue, it’s egregious… We’ve been lied to and we are still being lied to. By the president…”

> From an e-mailer: “WCBS-TV (New York) has started running local cable advertisements on MSNBC promoting the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric. Are other CBS stations doing similar targeted campaigns in their markets?”

> The AP writes up GMA’s Thursday morning technical glitch. Gawker has the video…