The Sunday Ticker: Cantore, Stelter, CNN/CBS

By Merrill Knox 

  • The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore was named the 2014 Weatherperson of the Year by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes. Cantore was honored Thursday at a dinner in Orlando.

  • Brian Stelter is profiled in The New Republic. “This is a guy who’s been trying to go through the screen of the TV set since he was ten-years-old,” Stelter’s New York Times mentor David Carr says of the CNN media correspondent.

  • A military judge has ordered CNN and CBS to turn over unaired footage from interviews with a woman at the center of a 2012 sexual assault case involving three U.S. Naval Academy students. The judge said  the footage includes “specific, material information and a level of detail not present” in the woman’s other statements.