“The Situation:” The Launch Party

By Brian 

About 150 TV types crowded the bar at NYC’s West Side Brewing Co. Wednesday night for MSNBC’s “The Situation with Tucker Carlson” launch party. Some highlights:

> Boldface names included Mort Zuckerman and Al Sharpton. The Rev. will be showing up on the first week of The Situation: “Any show that launches with Al Sharpton can’t go wrong,” a Situationer joked.

> FishBowlNY “caught the affable, excitable pundit with his bow tie undone and slung casually around his neck (va-va-voom! Tucker, you wear the bad-boy look well).”

> Gawker has posted a bunch of pics, including the one up above. And this quote from Carlson: “I want to thank Rick [Kaplan, President of MSNBC] for rescuing me from my previous life. His promise when I started was that I was going to have an excellent time. Going to work was not going to feel like showing up in the middle of an ongoing labor dispute. Previous jobs have been that way.”