The Situation Room: Coming August 8

By Brian 

“The Situation Room” will premiere on Monday, August 8. That’s the word from the TCA Press Tour, where Wolf Blitzer is promoting the show with Jon Klein and Jim Walton later today…

> Update: 7:40pm: “With The Situation Room, our viewers have the advantage of CNN’s unmatched access to national and world leaders as well as the leading journalists and experts on any topic of the day,” Blitzer said in a press release. “The Situation Room will bring the control room to the living room, making the entire process of our newsgathering more transparent and placing the latest news and information at the viewers’ fingertips.”

> The program will feature a “CNN Security Council” “with expertise spanning topics from personal security to the economy to the war on terrorism.”

> “The Situation Room studio has been expressly designed to combine traditional reporting methods with the newest innovative online resources such as blogs, Web sites and podcasts,” the P.R. hints.