The Rat Comes to the Rock

By kevin 

TVNewser headed up to 30 Rock Thursday to look into a labor protest outside NBC Universal headquarters involving the notorious inflatable union rat. We found a group of NBC engineers holding signs reading “Honk against corporate greed,” “Nasty Brutal Contract,” and “NBC Unfair.” (You can hear the whistles in the Phil Jones video we posted.)

Local 11 president Edward McEwan told the NY Daily News: “We started negotiations for a new contract…and we’ve gotten no place.”

According to protesters we spoke with, NBC has refused to enter into contract negotiations with some employees who have had to remain working under their previous contracts.

“We’re trying to get their attention so they go back to the table,” said Cathy Worster, a NBC audio engineer who’s been with the network for more than 30 years. “They want to pretty much push out any senior workers that are nearing retirement. They’re saying they want to protect 25% of the work force and be able to lay off anybody else regardless of seniority,” she told us, adding, “I’m nearing retirement so it’s an issue for me.”

The protesters said this was their fourth rally and they have plans for more. NBC declined to comment to TVNewser.