The P.M. Ticker: Hannity’s Influence, Video’s Importance, Choi’s Indulgence

By Chris Ariens 

  • Sean Hannity’s expose on Spring Break in Panama City may result in a less-raucous Spring Break 2015. The city council votes tomorrow on new ordinances related to alcohol-sale hours, ID checks and curbing of special events, which were spurred on, in part, by Hannity’s reports.

  • The AP released a report looking at the importance of video news in the Middle East and North Africa. “The big ‘ah-ha’ moment for me was the realization that news junkies see video as an essential part of their daily news fix,” says Sue Brooks, director of international for AP.

  • The latest CNN Digital Studios production will feature celebrity chef Roy Choi. “Street Food” dips into the lives of cultural tastemakers to get their perspectives on how everyday trends and cultural movements are born. Here’s a preview.