The Nominee: Primetime Notes

By Brian 

> The “big three” returned to programming almost immediately. Brian Williams continued anchoring on MSNBC until 9:30pm.

> Dan Abrams on MSNBC: “This was the right choice, so to speak, in the sense that he’s just conservative enough to satisfy the base, and yet there’s not enough on paper for the liberal groups to really get him.”

> Bill Kristol on FNC: “I predicted that he would pick a woman, and I want to apologize to the President — seriously — I think this was courageous and impressive. [He had a diverse list but] I think he stepped back and thought last night, ‘who really will be the best justice?'”

> I was hoping CBS anchor John Roberts would reference the fact that he shares the nominee’s name, but I was disappointed. Update: 10:04pm: “On the west coast edition of the CBS Evening News, 30 minutes before the speech, John Roberts announced the name and said, ‘no relation to this correspondent.'”

> CNN placed a “Supreme Court Announcement Clock” on the right side of the screen during Paula Zahn Now.

> “This has been a cross between the old excitement of the political conventions, and the finale of ‘The Apprentice,'” Keith Olbermann said at the end of Countdown…

> When President Bush spoke, CNN pulled the ticker. FNC kept it on the bottom of the screen. MSNBC simulcasted the NBC News special report.

> Court TV preempted Forensic Files for an hour-long special report…