The Newseum: “Dazzling, Innovative and Absorbing”

By Chris Ariens 

Interior of the Newseum in November at the Meet the Press 60th Anniversary party. (photo: Alissa Krinsky)

WaPo’s Howard Kurtz takes a walk through the new Newseum for a story in tomorrow’s paper:

There is a nice sense of serendipity to the place. Touch one computer screen and you can look at excerpts of famous books and documents, such as the Magna Carta and “Life and Times of Frederick Douglass.” Walk down a different corridor and you can see Howard Cosell shadowboxing with Muhammad Ali, or CNN’s Bernard Shaw in Baghdad as the Persian Gulf War bombs started dropping, or 44 cartoons from the New Yorker.


The USA Today has a special sidebar in their story about the Newseum, titled “About that $20 admission fee for adults.” Kurtz writes “the $20 admission fee — $13 for those 7 to 12, with younger kids free — feels stiff.” However, admission is free for school groups, “under a partnership with The Washington Post.” Also, Time Warner, News Corp., Hearst, the New York Times, NBC News and ABC News “have ponied up $5 million to $15 million, and each receives a positive, wall-mounted storyboard or, in NBC’s case, a video in which Brian Williams welcomes visitors.”

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