The News About CNN Anchors John Roberts and Kyra Phillips

By Chris Ariens 

If you noticed some on-air chemistry the last time John Roberts and Kyra Phillips anchored together, here’s why:

Sources close to the couple tell TVNewser the CNNers have been dating since December and the relationship is getting very serious.

Phillips, who’s been single going on three years ago, was in Toronto last weekend for Roberts’ induction into the Canadian Broadcasters Hall of Fame. While there, we’re told she met the Roberts clan. Roberts, the father of 23- and 17-year-old children, has been split from his wife for about a year.

For now, the relationship is long distance with Roberts anchoring American Morning from New York and Phillips anchoring on CNN from 1-3pmET from Atlanta. In other words, a lot of Delta frequent flier miles are being racked up. Phillips has also filled in on American Morning for co-anchor Kiran Chetry.

The source says Phillips is telling friends she’s found her life partner. We’re told a family vacation out west is in the works so Roberts can meet Phillips’ family.