The MSNBC Anchor Shake-Up: Reactions

By SteveK 

Some reaction to the Olbermann/Matthews/Gregory news:

• Portfolio’s Jeff Bercovici predicts Keith Olbermann will be out of MSNBC within five years. “This is a guy who loves to leave jobs in a mushroom cloud of righteous indignation,” he writes. “One or two more pirouettes by NBC management like the one that happened this weekend and he is out of there.”

• The Kansas City Star’s Aaron Barnhart, who writes he has, “always loved ‘Countdown,'” describes the “genius” of Roger Ailes. “Ailes figured out long ago that you can have Hannity and Colmes and Neil Cavuto and John Kasich and Steve Doocy and every other red-meater out there on your airwaves, but if you know where to place the fig leaf, your opponents can only pillory you so much,” he writes. “MSNBC forgot about the fig leaf. And so, no matter how much Olbermann goes on about Brit Hume’s biases, Fox News has seized the moral high ground from NBC.”

• While on the train ride back to New York City this morning, we asked Terry Moran about the MSNBC shake-up. Moran says he is “a big David Gregory fan,” from their days at the White House, and that, “taking sides is a short term solution.” Check out the video:

Johnny Dollar has more reaction from around the web.

Click continued to see the Fox & Friends team discuss the “fired” duo, including Brian Kilmeade’s suggestion for who should be anchoring political coverage at MSNBC…