The Martha Stewart News Loop

By Brian 

The cable nets went live at midnight with coverage of Martha’s release. MSNBC seemed to be the best-prepared, with aerial views from a local affiliate’s chopper. Dan Abrams, who was live from midnight to 1:30am, had a fun panel to discuss the story with. FNC aired its repeats most of the time, with cutins from Rick Leventhal outside the gates. One e-mailer mocked FNC’s coverage: “They put Brit Hume in a box, then they didn’t know what to do, then they dropped it alltogether.” Some blogger reactions:

> Poetic Leanings blog: “CNN has decided that Martha Stewart’s release from prison merits nonstop coverage as opposed to the “who gives a shit” that it should receive.”

> This morning’s live chopper shots of Martha petting the horses are classic, another e-mailer writes in.

> Althouse has a fun summary of CNN’s midnight coverage. “Everyone’s all atwitter! We see all the cameras lined up…”

> Minstrel Boy: “1,500 dead in Iraq and all Fox can run is a news loop on Martha Stewart.”