“The Largest Peacetime Movement of Americans Since The Civil War”

By Chris Ariens 

Walking between two burned-out houses, which were standing just yesterday, Brian Williams began NBC Nightly News with the sobering statistics of the California wildfires. It would be the first of several times the anchor would make the walk. Williams, like his ABC and CBS counterparts, Charles Gibson and Katie Couric are remaining live into the night to update the story of the growing wildfires for the multiple airings of their broadcasts. For Gibson, it also includes anchoring a special edition of 20/20 at 10pmET.

Gibson’s World News began with the anchor in the air: “It’s been another day of Santa Ana winds. Another day of high temperatures. And another day of low humidity.”

Couric began the CBS Evening News from inside San Diego’s Qualcomm stadium where thousands of the evacuees are camped; then to a taped piece from the air. Couric described flying “over the devastation with some of the crews fighting these massive fires.”